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Kingdom Herbology Academy

Easily Order US Biotek COVID PCR Tests

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Rapid RT-PCR COVID-19 Testing

Kingdom Herbology Academy, LLC DBA Omaha Wellology Clinic is glad to provide the US BioTek rapid PCR COVID-19 testing. This rapid RT-PCR test has been granted an FDA (EUA) for testing human nasal or nasal mid-turbinate swab specimens. Using Thermo Fisher technology results are accurately and efficiently delivered within 2 hours. It's important to note that RT-PCR testing platforms at US BioTek are able to detect all variants including the OMICRON Variant. Samples are collected by nasopharyngeal (nasal) swab method.

This Rapid PCR test determines whether or not nucleic acids found only in coronavirus COVID-19 are present in the sample. Each test cassette has built-in positive and negative quality controls for accuracy. Test results must always be interpreted by the health care provider in conjunction with the patient’s medical history and clinical presentation. The test is able to detect the Omicron variant and all other variants of concern. Kit will be sent to your residence with a free shipping and handling label for you to send to our test lab.

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